#4: My Favourite Travelling Photographs of 2015.

During my travels over the years I got to visit some amazing countries and places, and naturally, I had to bring my favourite Nikon camera along with me to capture the beautiful scenery I got blessed to see. I always enjoy taking pictures of incredible landscapes and nature when I occasionally get the chance here in Ireland or of course when travelling, so here I’ve shared with you some of my much-loved photographs taken up until 2015.

1.) This picture was taken in the beautiful Yosemite National Park in California USA during the summer.

My friends and I climbed the steepest mountain I think I will ever come across this day but it led to the most amazing view of any waterfall I have yet seen.

2.) This is where we ended up at the end of our journey up to Yosemite Falls. The waterfall dropped to 2,425 feet down and is among one of 20 highest waterfalls in the world. It was definitely worth the long hike.
4.) S a u s a l i t o– California                                             

This was the day me and my friend took the golden gate Ferry past the San Francisco Famous Golden Gate Bridge to the beautiful island of Sausalito. It was full of colourful hillside buildings and boat houses along the border of the shoreline. The island holds only a small community of approximately 7,000 people and is famous for is definitely a large tourist attraction because of its beautiful boat side scenery. We came across some ‘hippy-like outdoor art’ while we were here, as you can tell from the expressive picture.


5.) C H I N E S E T E M P L E- Genting Highands, Malaysia                    

During my visit to Malaysia in September 2015, I got to experience the most colourful and inspiring Buddhist temples in the mountains of Genting Highlands.



6.) P A L  A C E O F V E R S A I L L E S-Paris                                                          

In early February, I decided to visit the Palace of Versailles on my last day in in France. The  ‘Chaeau de Versilles’ has been on UNESCO’s world heritage list for almost 30 years, and you have not visited this place while in Paris you are certainly missing out. The history behind the palace is quite fascinating, and being a third level student I was able to visit          around the area free of charge. The site was created originally as a small hunting lodge for Louis XIII, until it was transformed and expanded by his son Louis XIV in 1682. Each of the three kings lived in this palace until the French Revolution, where the architecture and decor of the surroundings were emphasised  with even more beauty.