#5: My Top 3 Current Online Blog Inspirations

There are hundreds if not thousands more amazing personal photography blogs to be found all over the internet that emphasise stories, talents and breathtaking images!

One of the imagery blogs at the moment is 50mm, made by a creative director from Australia named Curtis. Curtis grew up in Sydney and studied television production, learned interactive design with fire fashion, and now continues his work and passion in the City of Tokyo.

For those of you who enjoy a wide contrast of black and white still photography along with colour moments of events and nature, this blog is definitely worth checking out!

His blog contains photographs mostly based around his current home in Tokyo, and images the user took during travels. The reason I enjoy this blog is that nearly every picture depicts a story in that person’s life and every picture is taken from a completely different aspect or physical angle. Here are just some of many of my favourite images from the 50mm blog.

1.) T H E   L I T T L E   R O A D – P A R T  2

2.)  R A I N Y   S E A S O N

Heel in the rain

Rainy Blue Road

The Big Pictureis another one of my currently admired online photography blogs.  Created by Leanne Burden Seidel (a picture editor at the Boston Globe since 1994 on page 1, the Metro, Travel and special projects), her blog portrays amazing shots by other photographers of incredible and colourful events that are updated quite frequently.  This blog varies from every aspect of photography from nature to war zone images.  Here are just a few of the most moving images on Seidel’s Big Picture blog.

P E R I L I O U S   C R O S S I N G (Oct 05, 2015) Taken by Craig F. Walker










1 0   Y E A R S   A F T E R   H U R R I C A N E   K A T R I N A (Aug 27, 2015) Taken by Lloyd Young
A N A M I L I A (Sept 22, 2015) Taken by Jens Kalaena/EPA

And lastly, the final blog that I find extremely helpful in terms of learning how to take professional photographers and enter upcoming competitions is IHeartFaces. The site shares free online tutorials where

people can learn tips and tricks of how to not only take great photos but also to successfully edit. You can learn skills such as how to capture poses of people, how to use Photoshop and the blog also provides lighting tutorials.

If you have any recommendations you’d like to share of other photography blogs please make sure to leave a comment!




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